Thursday, May 19, 2005

Going to plan (not) - Day 5

Work imploded and as per, it's just all over very quickly. On the upside I did finish the first challenge book (yah!). On the downside I should have finished at least two books by now.

What to read next? (Stuff it - I'll just keep watching 'My Restaurant Rules'.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Easily distracted - Day 2

Currently reading Paddy Clark Ha Ha Ha

Sorry to report that I went to bed last night for a bit of a pre sleep read and was distracted by Shopaholic Ties the Knot. This chic lit fest is brain candy of the worst order - the book you read when you're not reading a magazine. Nasty, trite, garbage that reinforces a range of 'pathetic women' stereotypes. I can't put it down which irritates me beyond belief.

Will try to get back on track....

Want a copy for yourself so you can share the joy/pain etc etc? Paddy Clark Ha Ha Ha

Gym @ 6 - Day 2 (digression)

The early morning Pump class consists of a fairly equal mix of 30 something women and mature 50+ men. Don’t ask me why, that’s just the way things work out at 6 in the morning. We’ve had a new addition to the ‘Team 6am’ class – Ms 50+something. I’ve been squizzing at her for a couple of mornings now and think I get where she’s coming from. I reckon her theories on life, the universe and everything would be pretty well captured by the following:

Theory 1 – A girl should never leave the house without putting on her face.
In this case, the face of choice seems to be ‘80s rock video’.

Theory 2 – Showingcasing your assets draws attention away from body parts in need of renovation.
So, a skin tight top over the low slung DD bosom neatly distracts from the waistband straining pot belly.

Theory 3 – Blondes have more fun.
Especially if their hair is a uniform yellow colour and piled into a floppy pony tail on top of their heads.

Theory 4 – a) No matter what your age, you can still have great legs b) If you have great legs you should show them off at every opportunity.
Hence the wearing of the workout hot pants. These hot pants are the smallest and most frightened pieces of fabric I have ever encountered.

The guys can’t help themselves and keep slyly sizing this lady up like she’s fresh road kill. Is it dead? Is it alive? What did it used to be? Simultaneously compelled and repelled, unable to avert their gaze.

I should be more respectful – that could be me standing there one day trying to ease my wimpering hot pants out of a wrinkle.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Where to start? - Day 1

Currently reading Paddy Clark Ha Ha Ha

With the shortest book I have on the shelf. Roddy Doyle won with the Booker Prize with this in 1993.

Want a copy for yourself so you can share the joy/pain etc etc? Paddy Clark Ha Ha Ha

Putting the *bloody* list together - Day 1

Nastily time consuming.

Unless I've done something stupid (and I'm sure that someone will correct me if I'm wrong) there are 272 great works on the Booker Prize lists. Reading 2.6 per week is going to be a barrel of laughs.

I woke up this morning thinking of rules. Do I need rules for this so I don't go totally spazzo? Will tackle this after another coffee.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

So I went and brushed the dog - Day 0

It seemed like the proactive thing to do. The grooming was a useful working meditation (yeah, good on me). I need to come up with some 'Booker reading guidelines' so the whole thing doesn't go off the rails straight away. Will sleep on it.

I'm sick of reading crap - Day 0

Actually, I'm sick of reading crap in a uncoordinated fashion.

I'm fed up with walking into generic bookstore x and staring at packed shelves of shitty books written by people who a) want to turn a quick buck or b) are pathetically trying to squeeze out their 15 minutes of fame. Or, alternatively, slouching in avant bookstore y and being sneered becuase I have read Foucalt in French.

So, I've set myself a reading list for the next two years to see whether reading 'good stuff' decreases my choice overload issues and 'improves me' as a person. What the hell - it's only two years of my reading life....

The plan is to read all of the Man Booker prize books over a two year period. Short list, long list, winners the whole deal. Sounds like a wank? Well that's because it probably is. Looking at who's managed to get a gurnsey over the last 30+ years or so suggests I'm going to be reading some naff, pretentious 'literature'. I'll be out of my comfort zone with digesting bulk Iris Murdoch and Thomas Keneally.

How will it work out? Who the hell knows? If I'm going to read 2-3 books a week I should bugger off and get started. Right. OK. Let's see how long I can avoid the bloody Malouf trash...

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